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I've barely been on in over a year and I regret that. Not just because I walked back into 11,000+ deviations and messages to go through, but also because I've missed so much great art. Hopefully I'll be more conscious to keep myself active here on a regular basis.
Hi Guys,

Sorry I haven't been too active on here in the last year or so, been buried in work stuff for so long. Speaking of work stuff, one of my directors on Transformers :iconvintonheuck: and a fellow storyboard artist Byron Penaranda are doing a kickstarter to fund their amazing comic MABIGON.

You can check out the kickstarter here…

And you can join their facebook page for updates here…

Please back the project and/or at the very least spread the word!
I just realized today that I'll be hitting my 10 year anniversary on DA in a week. That's nutso. Thanks for all the good times DA peeps and sorry I don't post more. Been crazy busy with the job stuff. Not to mention I watch over 1200 peeps and so my inbox tends to be crazy full after every time I clear it out so if I watch you, I'm sure I'll see your deviations soon enough =D

Anyhoodle, just thought it was cool that I've been here a decade. That also makes me feel old lol 
And you shouldn't either. 

I only direct your attention here because I receive a LOT of requests of for free artwork, whether it be logos, character design and sometimes even graphic novels all intended to be for free. 

I'm a working professional making a living with my art. So clearly I won't be doing art for free, when it's my job to do it. BUT, I also support the idea that even artists who work freelance or even just as a hobby shouldn't work for free. 

Please check out this video by Stephen Silver who explains this way better than I ever could

47 HOURS left! GET ON IT, YO!

Another Kickstarter I'm backing that I think everyone needs to get down on. 

Chris Copeland AKA :iconchriscopeland: is looking to fund a kickstarter for what has to be one of the books I'm looking forward to most. 

My friend and all around badass storyboard artist :iconwill-ruzicka: is doing commissions for 25.00 USD

Check him out he's awesome…

tachikomaWR by will-Ruzicka korrasTail by will-Ruzicka eroKawaiiAya by will-Ruzicka April OC 07 - Crossfire and Skydreamer by will-Ruzicka Super Hero a Day 08-09 by will-Ruzicka
Another Kickstarter I'm backing that I think everyone needs to get down on.

Chris Copeland AKA :iconchriscopeland: is looking to fund a kickstarter for what has to be one of the books I'm looking forward to most.

Hey folks :iconnicchapuis: and a lot of other amazing artists are running a kickstarter for the Graphic Novel called WORLD OF FICTION

take a look and become a backer here…

The Valley World of Fiction by NicChapuis
That recent update that there's now a limit to how many deviants you can watch got me wondering how close I was to the 5000 limit. Checking it out I found I'm okay being that I watch around 1300 deviants, so I have a while to go. What caught me off guard is that I'm almost at 30,000 watchers. Holy crap. Thank you all. For every comment and fav or even just coming by. You all rock. And as always, while I don't reply to all comments I read every single one.

So seriously. Thank you.
{{{{{{All rough sketches are out to the commissioners, if you haven't received an e-mail from me please check your spam folders and if it isn't there, send me a note and I will send you the rough via DA.}}}}}}

Hey folks, finally between jobs for a couple weeks here so I'm opening up commissions for a short while.

These are lineart commissions with some greyscale shading (sorry no color, they would take me forever right now)  and no backgrounds for right now.

Sketch or cleanup (I've experienced some people prefer sketches to lineart)
Bust (shoulders on up) $10.00
Torso (waist/hips on up) $20.00
Full Body (feets on up) $30.00

IF YOU WANT A Traditional paper sketch please say so FIRST so I know not to start digitally. And add $5.00 dollars for shipping.

Payment is due up front, and your spot will be reserved after payment is received.

PAYPAL ONLY Hit me up in a Note for a commission and I will give you the paypal address.

Starting with 10 spots first.
1):iconlanpitts: Punk Storm Traditional (full)
2):iconn8dogg5k: Morz Traditional (full)
3):iconhappysorceress: Huntress Traditional (full)
4):iconhappysorceress: Misfit Traditional (full)
5):iconyosterdragon: Rip Surge OC Digital (full)
6):icondjgaijin: Bai Xiong Digital (full)
7):iconalysandir: Jim Lee Rogue Traditional (full)
8):iconnadyanilo: Dancer OC Traditional (torso)
9):iconfedericomemola:Myriam OC Digital (torso)
10):iconalphadogstudios: Gun Ghoul OC Traditional (full)
11):iconalphadogstudios: Grimm OC Traditional (full)
12):iconstalk: Wasp Traditional (full)
13):icontedshekler: Integra Hellsing Digital (full)

((I lost count, eep. Ah well. I can't count))
My brother, Christian is in the music industry working as a Producer. He's freaking bad-ASS! He's also the reason I got into art when I was younger. Being really close in age I always wanted to do the same stuff he did, but he was always so good at everything and I chose art to focus on to be better than him at hahaha.

The one thing I'll never touch when it comes to skills that we both have is music. He's got an ear for it and has crazy dope skills in making it as well. So if you get a chance, hell with that, make a chance and go check out his soundcloud where he has some clips he produced.…
Wow, thank you so much for that. I know I don't check/reply/post much these days so thanks for still checking me out everyone.
Woohoo. Transformers Prime is now part of CW's VORTEX block on Saturday mornings. Check it out!
:iconhaylzherrick: is doing commissions at amazing prices to help raise funds for some stuff she's going through. Check out here gallery and read her journal for commissions.

In the Life of Lily by haylzherrick 2010 Thank-You by haylzherrick   Mister Hyde v2 by haylzherrick   First Ride by haylzherrick…
One of my directors on Transformers Prime, :iconvintonheuck: , has launched his webcomic Mabigon. It's written by Vinton and illustrated by Byron Penaranda and colors by Snakebite. It's going to be an epic fantasy so check it out.

Mabigon by VintonHeuck
So this dude just hit 300K views and I know that's a lot of visits but I thought I'd put it on blast because this dude is incredible and I think EVERYONE needs to be peeping his stuff.



Dan Norton :icondannortonart: continues his series of Muro based drawing lessons.

Drawing Tip 2 the Magic Box by DanNortonArt This one is on drawing in perspective and drawing props/environments within a box. It's pretty slick.

Also :iconradsechrist: has a blog that is all about teaching the fundamentals of figure drawing and composition for telling a story.

that blog can be found here.
Anytime someone asks me for resources and lessons on drawing well I always tell them to learn the fundamentals and draw from real life. Few people take me at my word and go looking for that.

Well Dan Norton, :icondannortonart: , the guy who brought us the new Thundercats gave us DA users an AWESOME chance to look at how the fundamentals work using DA's Muro App (which I gotta say is brilliant).

So take a look at this and you'll get a great jumping off point on how to draw well and draw properly.

Drawing tips 1 by DanNortonArt
Dark knight rises. Omg. Perfect. Maybe not perfect for everyone else but for me it was exactly everything I wanted and more.

  So additional story to this. We leave to get to the Arclight an hour early even though we pre-bought our tickets a month ago. Just figured it was prudent to be early. We get there an hour early as planned and BAM, no parking at the Arclight. Totally full. Neither Llyr nor I have ever seen the parking there full. So we loop around a couple times and opt for an expensive underground parking. Llyr pointed to an open air lot, but I prefer underground parking. It's way more expensive, but whatevs. We go down, we find lots of parking and pick a space...then we wander around for like 20 or so minutes because apparently this parking lot is Jareth the Goblin King's mystical labyrinth and Llyr and I are Sarah being led astray by goblins that keep changing our lipstick markings on the stones.

  We FINALLY dig our way out of the structure through the connected Trader Joes where we ended up going up like 2 flights of stairs. Or something like that. Flash forward through DKR. We go back all lawdy dawdy chatting away at how great the movie was. Llyr suggests we try the other side of the building since Trader Joe's is not open this late. I insist that we should go back the way we drove in earlier. Then we're standing there staring at the locked shutter doors of the parking garage, eyes wide with disbelief, the inner children nestled in our hearts praying if we stare long enough the doors will laugh and be like "LOL, just kidding." We're about to openly panic when suddenly one of the shutters slides open. One of the local residents of the apartment building above the lot has a garage door opener and Llyr and I bolt up the non-pedestrian ramp. We get to the top of this cement everest and we're panting and huffing and looking around for the commercial parking area that is in NO way connected to THIS residential area and then at the controlled shutter doors behind us at the foot of the ramp that we have no way of opening. I'm trying to control the girlish scream that's clogging my throat. Can't have my lady love seeing me cry like a little baby. So I swallow it and find an actual baby being carried by its mother who is a resident. I ask her politely if she knows the way to the commercial lot. I'm not sure if it is a blurred memory from over stimulation but I believe we had to answer her questions three before passing her bridge. We succeeded and she pointed us to a stairway that went down another 2 flights and through a long hallway ejecting us about where Llyr and I entered the shutter doors.

  Llyr again suggests that we go around the building and enter around the side. Undeterred in my quest I find another ramp. THIS one is surely the one we came in. We run up this ramp again non-pedestrian and again at my insistence and AGAIN huffing and panting. We get to the top and spy no stairs, no elevator, just the NEXT ramp DOWN into the bowels of the structure where we parked. No walkways, and cars coming through in regularity. So at my behest we RUN down this ramp and to my car sweating and panting and huffing. We defeated the Goblin King's Labyrinth erupting with a 16 dollar fee staring the Llyr's original suggestion of the open air lot with no twists and turns and only 10 dollars flat rate for the night. And as a man of integrity, and humbleness and the fortitude to accept when I'm wrong, I don't bring up the fact that she was right at every turn and instead change the subject to how much I liked the movie and that we should get food on the way home.

Hell yeah, I'm a manly man...A man who will at some point learn to listen to his woman who is smart and logical and pretty and likes batman. But that day my friends...was not today.
Spreading word that :icong-chris: is doing sketch commissions again. Check him out.